The whole world is suffering from a global epidemic and Imran Khan Niazi is saying that “the opposition will be eliminated forever، Opponents can only critisize and nothing else. When you serve, your circles will be almost firm”. Poor people are longing for two-time bread and Imran Khan Niazi is worried about consolidating political circles, wow! Imran Khan Niazi is proving that revolution is nothing but nonsense. Allah has given the opportunity and also relaxation. In sugar and flour crisis, it came out to be PTI’s number one trademark. When the investigation began, a clarification was made by Imran Khan who possesses the degree of being authentic and trustworthy that Jehangir Tareen is not involved in all that matter, when the report was published Jehangir Tareen came out to be number one in gaining the maximum benefits. When the door of Parliament was broken, Clothes were being dried in the Supreme Court’s gallery and the revolutionary government was obtaining orders from supreme authorities at the same moment Imran who after being married in Ashura addressed to the sit-down crowd that  “change had came, I am going to marry”, liar! he had married and not even felt ashamed that what has changed since marriage? In the answer of Qadir Patel’s speech in assembly  Murad Saeed could have said that “Getting married was a really big change”.

An official report on taking the benefits of sugar and flour crisis has been published but the matter of non-official one will be way bigger than that. Now again the market is settled up by pushing the public into the “CORONA” crisis in order to gain befits. Builders mafia is being invited in the sin to valid their black money in the open field.

Author: Syed Ateeq-Ur-Rehman Gillani
Translated by: Ejaz Siddiqui

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