Rulers which are holding the seat of government passed orders that “shopkeepers will be charged and confined for illegal profits”. Magistrates are nominated to register the case against cabin keepers manual cart riders whereas this poor community is hardly pulling on their day-to-day expenses. I have personally observed that an MNA of South Waziristan, who was though defeated in the election had invested 20 million and it is assured that the successful candidate must have spent much more than that. When the government of Nawaz Sharif was dismissed on account of corruption and PPP government lodged a case against them regarding infamous London flats, then after Nawaz league was brought as a ruler party and after that case was registered against PPP. During the tenure of Pervaiz Musharraf same case of London, flats were registered, then after the deportation to Saudi Arabia, this case came to an end and further when Zardari took over the charge as a ruler then Shahbaz Sharif addressed in public emotionally that he would hang Zardari in crossing area and would give him a tough time. Again Nawaz league came in government and including the written statement in media he gave the same statement in parliament that in the year 2005 he sold out a vast piece of land in Saudi Arabia and later on purchase flat in the year 2006 which no doubt was seems to be nothing except fiction. Then after he produced a letter issued by Qatari ruler in which he expressed/shown his irrelevancy from that particular letter. In such circumstances, our nation as well state mutually decided to bring Imran Khan as the next ruler as being an eligible one and he was accepted by the judiciary as authentic and trustworthy whereas he was supposed to be the King of the Blind man. Today or beloved state again had exposed the favorable personnel of the revolutionary government that was fully involved in looting the public in the crises of sugar and flour. since the tenure/era of Pervaiz Musharraf up till this date all the same faces like Jahangir Tareen, Khusru Bakhtiar, and Munis Elahi are in power. Well done Mr. Niazi.

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