There does not exist short-fall of potencies, capabilities, awareness, sense, and goodness in Pakistan army, judiciary, Bureaucrat, politicians, ulama, journalist, common man and in all classes of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. we Cannot compare Pakistanis with reference to humanity, Islam and unfailing love with the nation but they are not getting the chance for which they are eligible. The source required to get- in parliament house is through money, Nepotism، Sectarian conflicts، Linguistic prejudice and supervision of powerful lobbies. To earn money through reasonable sources is vanished and on the other side, illegal sources are unlimited. Starting from fake fatwas, fake education, fake medicines, fake rationing commodities, and further from fake degrees to fake politicians and ulama and scholars, all of them had drowned/ruined the nation and with the association of lotacracy, selection of Prime Minister and Chairman Senate came into form and with the help of this useless parliament and senate apart from the selection of Army Chief the entire machinery from top to bottom level is spoiled. The Judiciary system at each level has totally failed/collapsed. Nawaaz Sharif left the country but no one is able to respond that who one permitted him? On the occurrence of lockdown and spread of COVID-19, the responsibility of expected loss shall be transferred to each other. Imran Khan Niazi and co-company (ltd.)  is a tragedy of our history which reminded people the worth of this stupid Nawaz Shareef which had openly delivered a false statement in parliament and did not ashamed to deny the Qatri letter which was already presented by him. The nation is well known to such politicians who are vanished from the screen during COVID-19 crackdown and who during the election process were in form/swing.

The importance of government, as well as opposition, has come to an end but the state system does not possess the capability to provide benefits to the nation and for the lackness of this reason, the system is required to be changed otherwise Pakistan itself cannot pull on furthermore.

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