Imran khan is in practice to criticize regarding the destruction of Lahore Islamabad and Multan” metro service” whereas he has destroyed the city of Peshawar. In Multan, lower residential areas are not affected on account of "metro flyover” whereas, in Peshawar, costly/precious university road has been damaged/destroyed. The performance of KPK police was highlighted but the situation is that army has been deployed in the city.

On account of rendering services of media, ulama, security forces and medical wing, ISPR had conveyed an important message regarding paying thanks to the nation that "we are facing this critical situation for the first time ". This credit goes to the Pakistan army that by applying the method of "lockdown” virus is not spreading rapidly as compared to the ratio of expansion in rest of the world. This is the negligence of the government that virus was got in/imported from Iran and other countries since foreign and internal policies are unfair/based on false so we faced the situation/stage of lockdown. Ulama and Tablighi personnel were forcibly stopped otherwise it was not being expected from them to block their movement. Clear instruction about the prayer of fear is mentioned in the Quran due to which there do not exist possibilities of spreading virus but Mufti Aazam and Shaikh-ul-Islam who was involved in promoting/legalizing the interest system are not able to refer to Aayaah number 239 of surah Baqarah.

Iran, Tablighi jamaat, ulama and muftyan due to their act/behavior of individual ignorance and the responsible person/class on account of their negligence in respect of spreading virus make pardon/excuse. Prime Minister Zulfi Bukhari, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, and responsible cases not only say sorry but should also pay the penalty. The entire nation is sustaining the lockdown restriction only due to the reason that virus affected persons are brought back in the country and further to save/prevent from its evil damages, no precautionary measures were taken/initiated thereof. Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman inspite of bringing reforms in religious circles, turned towards prejudice, since he himself is unaware of all maters so, due to this reason Imran khan became the ruler.

جواب دیں

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