Reducing price of Oil will control Crisis in Pakistan

In the international market, the price of oil reduces to $20 a barrel and this is a golden opportunity to make it “tax-free”, instead of subsidizing anything in Pakistan, due to which the cost of electricity, gas, transportation and other commodities will be substantially reduced. Pakistan’s working/labour-class, Factory, and Mill owners will breathe a new spirit into the nation, nation’s government and state on account of cheap rates of oil. In the name of subsidies, benefits are paid to investors and landlords for specific political purposes. A vehicle has a travel capacity of two to three people, but because of the expensive oil, people cannot afford it and for the sake of this purpose they are compelled to travel unlawfully through trucks، when oil is made cheaper then people will be benefited from traveling by obeying the law and the chances of the spread of coronavirus would also get reduced/minimized. when oil becomes cheaper, a significant amount could be paid by the factories and mills and when working/labour class would be able to earn more than its basic necessities then he would also become sensible, when they become sensible they will be able to save their lives in a respectable manner. The Prime Minister Imran Khan is not a wise person but in order to save him from germs he was not in practice to shake hands with anyone and when it became essential to shake the hand he was in the habit to wash his hands immediately. Donkey cart person and majority labour class are much more intelligent than Imran Khan Niazi but due to their uneconomical conditions, they are lesser conscious to save/protect their lives. When the country receives some employments, the state will not have to bear the burden of its soldiers. People will succeed by working hard in order to wake up their destiny/fate. A Pakistani Muslim mayor of London was a son of the taxi driver, who had defeated the wealthiest family of the goldsmith, whereas Imran Khan has also supported his in-laws.
Syed Ateeq-Ur-Rehman Gillani

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