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The matter concerning orders of Quran and Sunnah

The matter concerning orders of Quran and Sunnah اخبار: نوشتہ دیوار

While interpreting the Quran, except copying, a lot of irregularities and an act of incompetency has been detected/traced-out.

During interpreting Quran, Ulmaa, Fuqaha, and interpreters have displayed a vital role in deshaping the sense of the Quran. Similarly, Moulana Syed Abul-Aala Modoodi had camouflaged the facts on account of his lesser religious knowledge…Now, it had become more essential that all top religious group leaders of the various school of thoughts may sit together and correct the mistakes made by them. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would lodge complain before Allah( SWT) on the day of judgment that Oh God! "Of course my nation had forgotten the Quran”(al-Quran)

All representatives of the various school of thoughts including Moulana Fazal-ur-Rehman of JUI, Siraj-ul-Haq of Jamaat Islami, Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi of Tehreeq Labaik, Allama Abtasaam Ellahi Zaheer of Ahl-e-Hadees; Allama Shahenshah Hussain Naqvi of Ahl-e-Tashuo and remaining others are required to arrange a meeting and settle issues regarding translation and Tafseer of Quran. The purpose of forgiveness would only be accomplished when the matters which have been misinterpreted by religious class in the Quran are got corrected/reforms made therein.

Contradiction on sectarianism on Qurani Aayah…Amazing event and minimum religious knowledge of Syed Modoodi (R.A)

Hazrat Mugherah bin Sheba (R.A) was when the ruler of Basrah, four persons submitted a witness statement against him that he had committed a crime of rape(their names are shown in Sahih-Bukhari), etc. and amongst them was a companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) identified as Hazrat  Abubakar (R.A) and last witness Ziyad explained that "I have seen myself back portion of the nude body, They were wrapped each other and were breathing.

And the feet of that woman was touching the ears of Hazrat Mugherah (R.A) in such a direction that apparently it appears to be a donkey with two ears and I have not seen much more, he added. On completion of the statements, Hazrat Omer (R.A) announced that the witness process is not yet ended. The rest of the witnesses were awarded the punishment of 80, 80 whips and then they were also offered that if you all are agreed that all this was false/a lie then your statement would ve accepted. Hazrat Abubakar (R.A) had regretted/refused to accepted the offer and the rest of the witnesses accepted the same. According to the opinion of Hazrat Imam Malik (R.A), Hazrat Imam Shafaee (R.A), and Hazrat Imam Ahmed Bin Hambal (R.A), the offer presented by Hazrat Omer (R.A) was correct/appropriate in the light of Quran, as mentioned therein that after submitting statement based on the false and imposing limit of Qadaf, it has been identified that their witnesses would not be accepted for onwards period/forever, however, persons who pray for forgiveness/pardon are exempted accordingly. However, Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A)’s opinion is different as he defines that the offer given by Hazrat Omer (R.A) was incorrect as person/(s)  who has been proved to be lier in his witness, their witness would not be accepted forever and so for the question of pardon is concerned, the same is related to the doom of hereafter with forgiveness. The event on which religious sectarianism was formed/based upon on account of the occurrence of misinterpretation of Qurani Tafseer, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would place before  Allah (SWT) a complaint on the day of judgment Towards the first step.

We have to get out of sectarianism tussles/conflicts and then on the basis of facts, efforts are to be made for implementation of the Islamic system and initially we have to correct intellectual system and towards next step, Islam is to be implemented in words and in spirit whereas, Syed Abulaala Modoodi (R.A) had written "that woman was actually the wife of Hazrat  Mugherah Ibn Sheba. The fact on record is that Hazrat  Mugherah was deposed on account of this event. Moulana Modoodi (R.A) in fact was an educated illiterate person.

Usmani Caliph has kept 4500 bondwomen (bandiyan) as compared to One Girlfriend of the existing British Prime Minister

British Prime Minister alongwith his pregnant girlfriend are attacked by Corona Virus. Our religious class might be thinking that both are effected are facing the punishment on account of God’s disobedience. If Islamic Shareea system/Khilafat would have been enforced, then both have to face the punishment i.e married Prime Minister would have been lapidated and the median girlfriend has to be awarded the punishment of 100 whips including One-year exile imprisonment. If we may ask the same religious class that Usmani Khalifa has kept 4500 londiyan, so can we say that he was permissible for this much ?, then expected fatwa from them would come-up that in Quran, there are certain limitations/bindings of wives whereas the number of Londis are not mentioned anywhere.

In nowadays; this religious concept of Islamic Khilafat is beyond the imagination of un-believers but at the same time it is also not acceptable for the Muslim majority. Now, as it has been mentioned that in implementation of Khilafat both creations of Earth and Sky (angles) would feel pleasure, so which type Prophetism for khilafat can be imagined? .In Bukhari Shareef, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) interpreted a Qurani aayah”La taharrimu amma ahlullah lakum minat-tayyibaat” and declared that "Mutta” is a valid process. The status of the British Prime Minister’s girlfriend needs to assessed in the light of the Quran and Sunnah whereas, God had considered the act of keeping Londi, as a practice/continuity of Ahl-e-Firoan which was a tough test for Bani Israel. Moulana Syed Modoodi had to quote hadees of Bukhari Shareef in Tafseer of above aayah but in Tafheem-ul-Quran, the concept of Christianity regarding religious isolation has been presented. In the Quran, Londi has been named "Umma” and slaves had been considered "Abdu” and therefore, the concept of marrying them and orders in this respect are highlighted. So for the question of this aayah that "ma malakat ayimanakum” is concerned, regarding what does it means? then it is disclosed that this is considered to be an agreement and this type of agreement can be related to free woman and with Londi and Slave as well. Muslims achieved/attained to a rising level in the world only on the basis of implementing human rights but the inherent kingdom had wasted/ruined all the theories. First of all, we have to highlight the facts of the Quran and Sunnah.

Quran and Sunnah protect a weaker person in the provision of his rights so that sooner he may get relief

In the light of the Quran and Sunnah, labour had essentially to pay wages exactly on discharging his assigned job, cultivators have to handover the entire harvest, and wife is bound to compromise within the period of "eddat”. In case of "Khulaa”, the eddat period according to Sahih hadees is only One menses, whereas, prior to intercourse, if she is being divorced, then whatsoever the Haq Mehr is fixed, the husband has to pay her half of the agreed amount and that particular woman is also exempted to go for eddat. God has imposed a ban to put obstruction on use of any type of junk words, Oath and mutual agreement in the name of Allah whether it would be between wife and husband or within any two classes of the nation but it is a misfortune that Muslim Umma is moving towards reverse and adverse to the orders of Quran only for the reason that very visible orders of Quran and related matters has extremely been de-shaped/ruined.

A problem was in existence during the dark era that "when the words of divorce were not being expressed before woman, then she would have to wait for an unlimited period”. In nowadays, in the judiciary system, a poor and weaker Victim has to sustain a lot but we do not feel a burden on our conscious that this type of behavior is in practice in the name of Islam. In case when the husband is unsatisfied with his wife, unless and until she is not being divorced, the wife has to wait for a long period until the decision is made in her favour.

Quran had settled/solved this issue of the dark era in chapter  "problems of divorce” on top priority basis. God describes that”persons who are not intending to continue with wife, then she would have to wait for  4 months and if both are agreed on a compromise, then God is merciful and forgiver and if he had intended to divorce his wife but did not disclosed it, then God is a good listener and possesses knowledge of everything”(al-baqar-226,227). Further, if his intention was to divorce wife but did not express then it would be considered as a sin of heart” because of the reason that when husband divorce wife, the time period to wait for eddat is 3 months instead of 4 months and this excess and extra One month is a matter of painful wait for wife regarding not disclosing timely for divorce so he should be asked for that or say gripped accordingly. Quran in this regard is quite clear.

In the name of Fiqah Sectarianism, defection/avoiding visible Qurani aayah had suffered with destruction

It had made very clear in aayah 225 to 228 of Surah Al-baqrah that if a person had not expressed about divorce before wife, then the period of eddat is 4 months and if he disclosed about divorce, then eddat period is in 3 stages or say 3 months and if he intended to divorce his wife but he had not expressed about his decision, then this is a sin of the heart and therefore he would be punished accordingly.

Islam is a religion of nature and this Qurani aayah is in accordance with nature, quite clear and are acceptable for everyone but unfortunately, in Tafseer, it is shown that this is not a matter of anger but comes within the jurisdiction of a type say Oath and this is a horrible abuse. Imam Malik (R.A) was the residence of Madina Shareef and he is also of opinion that Ailai is not related with Oath but without Oath, unhappiness is also to be called/considered as Ailai. Moulana Syed Modoodi (R.A) had also mentioned this much in Tafheemq-ul-Quran.In Quran the question does not arise about any type of confusion and contradiction but in the name of Jhamoor and Hanfi Maslak tasfeer had been interpreted in an unnatural way, which is a shocking one.

Therefore, according to Ahnaf, after the expiry of 4 months period, woman would automatically be divorced and the condition between them would not be permissible and as per jamhoor declaration if the matter regarding divorce is not expressed then divorce would not exist. Now on account of this act of opposing/difference of opinion, on one side woman would be no more his wife and to continue relations as usual would be considered as forbidden. On the other side, wife as previously would be considered to be his wife and if she would marry another one, it would be treated as an act of forbidden. Now in our prevailing social system, a woman after a prescribed time plays the role of a mother, wife, a sister and daughter of any person simultaneously, then she would feel inconvenient and would be in trouble as well so is it possible that this type of Islam would be acceptable for non-muslims? These Owl type Ulmaa and Muftiyaan who are playing the game of politics in the name religion shall be recommended for remand who had harmed Quran due to their unnatural education.They are still stubborn and are not ready to revert/learn from their mistakes.

What are the actual causes/reasons for interpreting false Tafseer of Qurani aayah? You would be surprised to learn

The Aims and Objects of any Law/rule are to protect a weaker person. In case of mutual unhappiness which results/conclude divorce, Almighty Allah had given orders for a woman to undergo the process of "eddat” and eddat merely relates to the woman and only to protect woman, God had ordered eddat for waiting for purpose but Jahil fuqaha who are waiting anxiously for the arrival of Hazrat Imam Mehdi (A.S) had excluded/neglected weaker woman straightaway from discussion/debate on this issue. According to the opinion of Hanfi fuqaha, the husband had already utilized his right so on expiry of 4 months she would be considered a divorced woman and as per the "Gamhoor” decision, the husband has not used his right so his wife as previous would remain in the same status. Now, is it so possible that God created a huge difference/contradiction in aayah? No! Never at all! but God had described all this much for eddat of a woman, whereas if a woman intends to marry with any other person after expiry of eddat then she had got the liberty to do it and even after passing eddat tenure if she is willing to compromise/patch-up at her own discretion, then there are no bindings on her from God.

These aayah and orders based on Law/Principles of the Quran can be implemented/enforced throughout the world. The religious class had not only played the vital/key role to deface the theories, ideas, and rules of Islam but they still stand on their negative attitude.

This is not a matter of a single issue but they have perished/ruined each and everything relates to social rights and its related matters. One one side God had provided relief to its last extend and at the extreme level to settle this issue and on the other hand, for more than once God had given opportunity to revert this matter during eddat by applying the method of mutual understanding after the expiry of eddat and even passing a long term of eddat. I have presented a lot of arguments on this topic to them, published so many books, and mentioned in the shape of articles but they still are not getting rid of the curse of halalah.

If our social system would have been based on the education of the Quran then it would be a matter of proud for the entire world but Fuqhaa had pushed back/ignored the Quran and due to which Muslim Ummah had to be proved and stand to be guilty in this world and hereafter.

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