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Ulama, Muftiyan, and Religious classes are undergoing worst and merciful condition

Mufti Taqi Usmani and Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman called upon a large session in which all Muftiyans and Ulmaas were invited as representatives and for the sake of issuing a joint statement, they displayed an ugly behaviour before the Media journalists at Karachi Press Club. A written statement was brought before them by Mufti Taqi Usmani and among others, a demand was placed regarding removal/withdrawal of Lockdown ban from Masajids. Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman said that there is no Lockdown from today. A journalist raised a question on this dual attitude, Mufti Taqi Usmani moved mike towards Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman then Mufti Muneeb Rehman repeated again that Lockdown has ended. After that Mufti Taqi Usmani in response to a question replied and repeated his already presented written demand but when journalists forced them for removal of confusion exists, then Ulmaa avoided to talk further on this issue and slip-away from the spot to protect themselves. Then Shahzeb Khanzadah made full efforts to find out the facts and asked that now what is the status of the statement issued bu Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman? but Mufti Taqi Usman, at the last moment, hesitated to reply his proper questions, however, he clarified that our agreement with government had been broken, however for now onwards we are agreed/prepare to talk with them.

Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman has left his track/attitude and this step is really admirable

After issuance of the joint communique, Mufti Taqi Usmani and Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman though were in open contradiction with each other, even then they were avoiding to face journalists in a satisfied manner than how it is expected that on any other issue in spite of having a clear point of view they would be able to provide a guideline to the public? It is regret to say that even then religious class personnel is defending them in social media. Reference is made in Qurani Aayah in detail about 1st. and Last tenures of Islam, but chameleon of sectarianism who are familiar in changing colours ha never paid attention and even we can expect from them today that they would accept the facts in-accordance with demand/requirement of Eeman. In the Quran, companions of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) had been awarded the medal of discretion but there exists a difference of opinion between Shia and Sunni on companions of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) said that”It had become essential to follow my Sunnah/path and parallel to this follow the route of Khulfaa Rashideen and Mehdiyeen. Now, when Sunni and Shia are not agreed upon the fact that Hazrat Abubakar(R.A); Hazrat Omar(R.A), Hazrat Usman(R.A) and Hazrat Ali(R.A) were Rasid and Mehdi then how it is possible that they were mutually agreed on expected Mehdi? However, all are agreed upon arrival of Mehdi in the world and a great revolution. Is it not possible that the news regarding this revolution has not been shown/mentioned in the Quran! Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) also very clearly prayed for Ameer Muaaveya as a duwa that”Oh God award him with the title of Hadi and Mehdi” but the point of view of Shia hazraat would be this that duwa was not accepted. When ahl-e-Sunnat disclosed that Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) had also. prayed Allah for hidayah of Abu Talib but Allah declared that”Enak la Tahdi man ahbabt”. We have to avoid discussion and debate about persons who are no more with us in this world and to be worried "how we can save/protect our future from unbelievers ".

Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri and also Mufti Rafi Usmani may compensate regarding mispleading the Hadith

This is our faith that the Quran had become the source of Rushd wa hidayah and spiritual relationship of God during which a large number were benefitted at the beginning of Islam, similarly though in a limited number Quran also becomes the source of spiritual affiliation in the last tenure of Islam. Further, in the last period of Islam, Quran would also become the source of Rushd wa hidayah of a large number of persons as well and this process would continue from mid-period or half of the last period up to the extreme end. Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) had quoted about 12(twelve) khulfaa on whom the entire Muslim umma have to agree upon. Allama Jalal-ud-deen Suyooti(R.A) had written the definition of hadith in his book”Alhavi Lil fatawa that "these twelve khulfaa have not come as yet on which Muslim umma may agree upon”. Dr.Tahir-ul-Quadri and Mufti Rafi Usmani had displayed an act of dishonesty on quoting the reference of the same book of Allama Suyooti(R.A), quoted the reference of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) that after Mehdi tenure of Ameer starts. Also as narrated, Mehdi would rule for 40(forty)years. Then after a period of Qahtani Ameer Mansoor would commence who’s ears are with holes and he would remain on footings of Mehdi and he would be replaced by a person of Ahl-e-bait of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) as the last Ameer and he would behave nicely. Mufti Rafi Usmani and Dr.Tahir-ul-Quadri neglecting /overlooked the original narration regarding the arrival of Mehdi and Qahtani Ameer and only choose the narration and shown Mehdi as last Ameer out of detailed references. We in our book raised agitation for more than once regarding this sort of dishonesty and advised them that they may beg pardon in public but all in vain. A student of Allama Yousuf Banori(R.A) in his book mentioned references in detail regarding Mehdi, mentioned therein many incidents relating to the nomination of Ameer and revolution between Mehdi and Qahtani Ameer Mansoor and in this book Mulla Omer had been shown/supposed as Mehdi or Mansoor. Ulama, Muftiyann and think tank/wise persons may sit together and reach a positive conclusion/resulting stage.

Visible skeleton regarding the supremacy of Pakistan as a ruler of the world as quoted in the book”Universal Predictions”

News concerning the rise of Islam and great revolution in the 15th century as mentioned in Quran Kareem. Introduction:-Janab Ali Muhammad Mahi is a Sufi possessing quality, an aged journalist, a practicing Muslim, a reputable author, and a great poet as well. Janab Mahi Sahib in 1988 wrote a book with the title”Sarul Israr” which had become familiar with the name "Yoam-ul-fasl” and was displayed during the period 1989-1999 and this book was appreciated in learned circles, spiritual personalities and was admired heartly and in words as well. Mahi Sahib had written this book Book "Yoam-ul-fasl” in the light of Qurani Aayah and Ahadith with spiritual strength. Mentioned therein is that”what would be happened in the world and particularly, what impression is expected on Islam and followers of Islam in the universe. We have to accept it correct whatsoever is mentioned in the book "Yoam-ul-fasl” and it does mean that circumstances would appear to be the same in the mirror of "Sarul Asrar” or would come into existence as explained in the above-quoted book (Universal Predictions). I have mentioned many of the predictions out of this book, relating to Pakistan in my book "Sahifa Inqilab”.

The book "Sarul Israr, familiar as Youam-ul-fasl” written by Janab Ali Mahi is based upon Quran

Janab Muhammad Ali Mahi in his book”Sarul Israr popular with title Yoam-ul-fasl”(1988) had adjusted Qurani Soorah in a systematic manner. I have referred this book probably in 1994 and observed that this book is in accordance to our movement with the reason that at No.91 is” Soorsh Al-Shams” and we announced/declared Universal Revolution in year-1991, then we examined the circumstances appeared/faced by our spiritual leader Haji Muhammad Usman(R.A) which are matching/seems to be reasonable with years 1987,1988,1989 and 1999. The world on one side is upset with the existence of Corona Virus and on the other side news regarding the "dawn of Imam Mehdi” is in circulation and is being listened constantly. Tariq Ismail Saagar had detected that Headquarter of Black Water is in America and his staff is getting salaries equivalent to Chief of American Army In Pakistan, a huge amount has been invested and it was planned to spend a lot of amount in tribal areas. Apart from major universal conspiracies, how efforts were made to destroy and ruin Wazeeristan, this on one side was the trap of evil forces and on the other hand, God decided to enforce/implement his strategy. In the Quran, few ayahs are "muhakemat” and the rest are "mutashabehat”.To act on muhakemat is a route/method to possess knowledge of the Quran and strong the belief and track of mutashabehat leads to aberrant. Interpretation acts according to their mental approach and tries to judge/assess the matters but they are wrong in their ideas whereas the time factor brings the actual interpretation of the Quran. Interpretation in the sense to obtain other’s opinions needs to be disapproved/condemned. When the matter is not visible/clear then to chase the same is useless as nothing is to be obtained by him except gain of knowledge. Therefore, those who are perfect in this field advise others to simply say that we believe in this issue. Moulana Badar Alam Marathi had written in the note/comment with reference to Imam Mehdi that ” whatsoever mentioned in hadith, we better quote the same "as it is "and when the time comes, everything in clear shape would come-up.

The existence of "Lahwalhadeth” was not at the time of the appearance of the Quran

A sketch showing news about a great revolution for the residence of Mecca and for the last tenure of Islam is mentioned in soorah Ibrahim, soorah "Bani Israel” and soorah "Al Hijr”

And to refer these Aayah, it can be imagined that how 1400 years old aayah now appears to be correct which is amazing. Similarly, today it became a source of evidence for us and it seems that these few aayah had been sent for nowadays. when I was studying in Jamia Banori Town, I listened to the speech of Moulana Abul Hassan Nadvi(R.A) in the mosque of New Town. Moulana once said that a jew raised a question about the aayah "Inna haza lashaiun ujaab” of the Quran that this aayah does not relate to Arabic grammar. A villager replied and tell him to sit down, he did so and then ask him to stand up and he acts upon this also, so, in this way, he repeated for more than once and finally told Jew that this is called "Inna haza lashaiun ujaab” and the Jew thereupon agreed. Moulana Nadvi quoted the second one that”Liyashtari Lahowal Hadees” is mentioned in the Quran, though at that time there was no concept of purchase and sell-out with the reason that these instruments were invented after a lot of years. This is a miracle of God’s book that a thing which does not come into existence at that time, his reference had been mentioned in the Quran so many years ago.

God says that Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) would lodge a complaint before him that O’God ! my nation had failed to follow the Quran (Al-Quran). At the time of appearance of Quran, nobody was going to imagine regarding ignoring the message of Quran but when renowned Ulama of Deoband Shaikh-ul-Hind Moulana Mehmood-ul-Hassan when remained for few years in Malta Prison then he considered that his activities in gaining knowledge and Darse Nizami is the replacement of Quran and  Sectarianism factors and for the sake of this reason there exists down-fall of Muslim Ummah.

Sketch showing various tenures of history in the light of Soorah Ibrahim…A journey from darkness to brightness

Muslim Ummah better make a decision regarding changing themselves keeping in view the existing conditions as mentioned in Soorah Ibrahim because”this is the book which had been sent upon Prophet  Muhammad (PBUH)  so that through this you may divert persons from darkness to brightness ”

Further, conveyed that there are deaths and destruction on extreme level for un-believers as they prefer this world as compared to the day of judgment snd they put hurdles for others so that they may not follow the path of Allah. Also they adopt therein route of negativity and these are far away from hidayah and Allah says that I have never sent any messager/prophet unless he does not pertain to the same nation/language so that he may able to place his point of view before them. God says that he sent Prophet Moosa (PBUH) for the sake of this reason that he may motivate/bring his nation from darkness to brightness and remind them the tenure of Allah (from the historical point of view and fight/resist between believers and un-believers the days have been changed). No doubt there exists a lesson for persons who possess tolerance and thankfulness to the maximum level. When Prophet Moosa (PBUH) told his nation that you may keep in mind the blessings of Allah which you enjoyed and when God has forgiven/released you from the nation of Firown who were in practice to give you severe punishment, also they killed many of your children and ladies were compelled to live alive alone and it was a great test from your God and further Prophet Moosa (PBUH) said that even you refuse and whatsoever is beneath this land, God does not care for all this and he is eligible to be appreciated. Haven’t you heard the news about previous nations? like Aad, Nooh, and Samood and about nations of onwards tenure. Nobody knows them now except  Allah. Allah says that I have sent my prophets to them but they ignored/neglected them and replied that we refuse to those prophets and it is correct that we are doubtful and told them that we are in doubt about the way to which they are inviting.

The purpose of the Quran is to identify the nation through which we may obtain guidance for future and conclusive truth as well

Almighty Allah says” Prophets asked their nation whether you are in doubt about the message of a creator who had provided you with earth and sky and who invites you from sins to forgiveness and permits you for a prescribed period. The nation replied prophets that you are also a creator just like us and you intend to stop us from the practice which was adopted by our elders as worship. Well, then you bring/present any open sign in this regard. The prophets told them that no doubt we are creatures like you Allah is capable to give honor to anyone amongst the creature so we are not in a position to provide you with any evidence, except if God desires so. However, the believers always depend/rely upon God, then unbelievers told prophets that we must get you out from this land or you have to revert definitely towards the nation. Allah then intimated them that all such cruel persons shall put to death and obedient will be rewarded with proper land for living purpose and this is a benefit for those persons who prayed before me with fear and were afraid of warning so they achieved victory/succession and those who were possessing oppressive attitude have perished under dust and they would be followed by hell and they be given pus instead of water and it would be a tough job for them to get-in the same and ultimately would face death from all sides and will not die and would be followed by a stout eternal punishment and those who refused/denied to obey the orders of God, their deeds are similar to ash who has been evaporated by speedy storm and they would not be able to encash their prayers, fasting and services and this is called permanent astray. Have you not examined that God had created absolute correct and if he desires; he is capable to replace new creation in lieu and this is not an extraordinary matter for Allah and they all would be exposed before Allah and the weaker person will ask to them who were intending/in search of honour that are you in a position to release us from this punishment?

Expend money first in the path of Allah as one may not get an advantage in the fields of Sell, Purchase, and friendship after the revolution

Haven’t you seen those persons who had converted God’s gift into thankless(like Ulmaa and Mufteyan left Quran and rulers through corruption from national resources) and put their nation in extremely bad condition like (terrorism, hunger, loans, corruption mafias, etc) and thus they become entitle for hell which no doubt is the worst place and brought/created parallel to Allah so that they may misguide persons from route/path of Allah. O! Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) tell them that get timely benefits but in the end, you have to face the fire of hell and also inform my believers as well that they may keep continue to offer prayers and expend money in hidden shape or openly out of which as given to you, before those days in which sell, purchase and friendship would not be useful as (after the great revolution there creates an atmosphere of paradise and in this environment sell, the purchase would not gain value and there would be the end of such friendships which were based on selfishness. The staff of State would be at your disposal and perform duties as a Security guard and corrupt elements would be dismissed accordingly). This is Allah who had created Sky and earth and provided water from the sky and provided fruit which is the diet for you and God managed to keep under control the boats so that you may able to sail in the sea with the orders/consent of God and he also gave domination on rivers and he had placed Sun and Moon at our disposal forever and also day and night are created for us and he handed over all such things to us which we demanded. If we keep on counting the gifts, we become a failure. Of course, human being even then is cruel and thankless of God. (Soorah Ibrahim).Each and every aayah indicates about sketch of revolution and hidayah as well. Which one gift is not available in Pakistan after independence? If a lake frim Hyderabad is stretched towards Karachi and shall be distributed into branches/creeks, and machinery of Sohrab Goth be provided for this specific job, then the residence of Karachi would become financially rich. Why Imran Khan is not talking about Kala Bagh?

Revolution through senseless British agent Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani and Imran Khan is nothing but a baseless thought

Senseless British agent Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani during the tenure of English Empire had presented his dream in respect of untrue revolution whereas, Imran khan had misguided the residence of Kanigaram, Wazeeristan and make them fool and afterward, he was making efforts to play the same act and was convincing/assuring residence of Karachi that my mother belongs to Muhajir community. The dream of someone was explained by Oriya Maqbool Jan that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was intending to hand over a gift to Gen. Qamar Bajwa but he was going to collect the same with the left hand, then Hazrat Omer (R.A) ask him to receive the same through the right hand and then took the gift as instructed. The selection of Nawaz Shareef and Imran Khan has not proved to be fair for Pakistan and it is being assumed that Gen. Qamar Bajwa possibly would show any miracle. So-called Ehle Bait Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani had displayed an inhuman and immoral attitude like Muhammadi Begam and even then he claims to be Christ, Medi, and Prophet. Imran Khan leaving behind his cast Niazi lodged a claim to be Barki of Kanigaram and Muhajir of Hindustan based on his mother but it is clear that the family skeleton starts from father side. If a father is a local one then the son would ultimately be local and if a father is a migrated person then the son would be called Muhajir and further, if a father is from the Niazi community then the son would be treated as Niazi. Nobody claims to be Barki or Muhajir concerning his mother. Inshaallah Pakistan would see a great revolution and on that basis the values of the entire world would be changed. In Soieah Ibrahim, God had talked about Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) and then said that”do not imagine that God has ignored the attitude of cruel persons, but we are avoiding them up till that day when everyone would be amazing to watch the fact and become upset and were running away and would not see what is going on behind them. God says O! Ibrahim(A.S) put them in fear about that particular day when cruel persons after watching the eternal punishment would say that we may be given relaxation for few days and we accept/welcome your message and would follow the path of prophets. Were you not used to swear that there will be no downfall for you?

Cold blooded/cruel Modi of India and his companions would be fastened with chain InshaAllah

And you remained in association with such wicked persons and after that it was made clear to you that who they were dealt with? and I place example before you as no doubt they moved towards their evil plannings and God had its own strategy, though keeping in view their own set-up, it was being assumed that perhaps mountains are to be dislocated from their place (an example of Tora Bora can be produced(whereas unbelievers were possessing much more strength, energies, and potencies) and do not imagine that God would go beyond/against his commitment, made with their prophets (In Quran, great domination of believers can be seen). Of course God is supreme and great revenger. On that particular day we would absolutely change this earth with another one with the sky as well and everything will be exposed before One and only Allah who is an executioner. On that day when you would see criminals are gripped with Iron chains (there are possibilities for Indian rulers and their companions who may face the disaster).On those days the trouser of rulers would be of sulfur (due to drain of hot water) and their faces could be seen covered with flames. On that day every human being would get the reward, what they earned in this world. Of course, God is capable/empowered to get prompt accountability. This is a message for a common person so that through this message persons could be conscious/become alert. although in such a way creature is being informed that God is one and alone and those who claim to be brilliant/wise persons would get the lesson. Not only in Surah Ibrahim but in surah Hijri, Surah Shoora, Surah Bani Israel, there are a lot of visible pieces of evidence. Quran is a Main/fundamental source of revolution whose results would be exposed in existing tenure. We do not act upon muhakkim aayaat as Ulmaa, Politicians and rulers have pushed back the day of judgment as compared to this world and forgot the good deeds in place of bad deeds. If there exists the fear regarding punishment nobody will be able to display the incompetent role. Until the punishment in accordance with crime will come into force there are no chances/hopes that the Nation will come on the right path/track.

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